Let us tell you a story
A story spoken at different corners of India without words,
yet through their skills, heart and creativity. Their dreams, desire and hopes all woven into their weaves through their threads and prints.

Letting the clothes and weaves tell a story, listen closely…… experience!
The stories of Indian Handlooms for everyone.

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Festive Collection

From the state of Hyderabd, we are here with our exclusive Nizami Ikkat Collection. Enjoy our new range of Ikkat handloom in Kurtas, shirts and sarees. Designs and fabric, you wouldn't want to miss on…..

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Ikkat is a resist-dyeing technique for pattern textiles, used for dyeing yarns before weaving the fabric. One interesting characteristic of Ikkat is its blurriness caused due to difficulty faced by weaver weaving the fabric, which can be reduced using finer yarns and craftsmanship.



One of the most traditional technique of hand block printing by the chippas of Village in Rajasthan. Wooden blocks with motifs of different floral patterns, birds, animals and various shapes are used for print to make the fabric colorful and full of life.



From the village of Kutch, Gujrat- Ajrakh hand block printing technique is done using natural dyes consisting of both vegetable and mineral dyes. Its origin dates back to Indus Valley Civilization. It is known for its choice of vibrant and striking bold colors and its intricate geometric patterns.